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GRADE C Router/Firewall

The Draytek Vigor 2765 is a great cost effective router/firewall for small-medium size business and home office networks.


The Vigor 2765 is the go-to entry grade router for those smaller networks that are only requiring simple internet access and a firewall.

It has FTTN and FTTP capabilities with an optional backup port via USB.

1x FTTN / VDSL Port

4x LAN Ports

1x Selectable Ethernet WAN Port

AC Dual Band WiFi

2x USB ports


MikroTik CRSxxx Hybrid Router/Switch

MikroTik Hybrid Router/Switch:

The MikroTik CRSxxx series of router switches are a neat combination of a router and PoE switch combination.


This series of router switch allows for a neat and tidy setup by minimising onsite equipment and combining several technologies that are typically spread across multiple devices, into a single unit.

Paired with a VDSL to Fibre adaptor this unit can be used in almost all scenarios (FTTN specifically) where rack space is limited and simplicity is key. 

This allows DVE Cloud to install a single point of connect for all given handsets and data devices within scale to minimise hardware failure on additional devices.

- 24 port and 48 Port PoE/Non PoE variants available.

- Multi-WAN/LAN

- Firewall

- VPN capabilities


GRADE B Router/Firewall

The Draytek Vigor 2865 is a cost-effective router that comes in a multitude of versions. The Vigor 2865 typically has a ADSL/VDSL port (FTTN), Gigabit WAN port (FTTP, FTTC, Fixed Wireless) and optional 4G LTE backup connection via a USB interface.

DVE Cloud utilize these devices in the mid range networks where a simple internet connection and a small amount of SIP phones are required. 



1. Multiple VPNs
2. Higher throughput WAN Connections
3. FTTN areas & FTTP areas

4. Load Balancing via FTTN and Ethernet


Draytek Grade B Router-01.png

Grade A Router/Firewall

The Draytek 3910 is a security appliance designed for high WAN to LAN Firewall throughput and allows a faster internet connection to reach a single endpoint. Unlike the Grade C line up of routers, the Draytek 3910 does not have any variants and adopts a more of a “all you can eat” style. 

The Vigor 3910 Is designed for multi-wan and failover inputs for businesses that require fast NAT throughput. The 3910 has 2x 10Gb SFP+ Fiber Ports (WAN/LAN), 2x 2.5GbE WAN/LAN Ports (FTTP, FTTC, Fixed Wireless) 4x 1GbE WAN/LAN ports and 4x Dedicated GbE LAN Ports.

DVE Cloud utilizes the 3910 in multiple scenarios:

  1. Multi-Site Routing via a central location

  2. Internal Multi-Lan consisting of large device counts

  3. High speed load balancing

  4. Large count of DVE Cloud Voice devices

  5. Large server counts that require high NAT throughput

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