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DVE cloud data services

DVE Cloud Managed Data services supports the customer’s requirements from the service entering the premise, all the way through to the switching equipment within the data space. This includes high grade network security and real time network and security monitoring. 


Managed Data Services has a strong focus on reliability and minimizing potential downtime when/if any occurs. DVE Cloud utilizes a unified monitoring system to manage all network provided equipment and enables us to act upon any issues directly.  

Interfaces: VDSL and Ethernet Uplinks available. Easily adaptable into existing infrastructure/Services from third party IT Teams/Providers (Terms and Conditions Apply)


  • Access to the National Broadband Network FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, Fixed Wireless

Fibre Network

  • Access to all major fibre networks to bring you 1:1 Business Grade Internet Access

Fixed Wireless

  • Access to specific wireless networks in most areas to bring you Business Grade Internet Access when FTTN, Fibre or Ethernet is not available.

Enterprise Ethernet

  • Access to all Enterprise Ethernet Zones to provide you with symmetrical internet speeds ranging from 100/100mbps all the way through to 1000/1000mbps

Urban Life

managed data & security 

Key Features

  • Automatic Database Backups

  • Managed Firmware Updates

  • Live bandwidth tracking

  • SIP / VOIP QoS

  • DDNS

  • 4G Fail-Over

  • Flexible multi-site routing and networking

  • VLAN Management

  • Static IP addressing

  • Site to Site VPN

  • Central Site Internet access and routing

  • Secure Port Forwarding and third party cooperation

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ACS Monitoring

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